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There are undoubtedly, Fifty Shades of Trae, and I am well aware of over half of them. Up until now, I’ve never found the need or urge to record my most private thoughts or sentiments. In my diary and on these pages, I write from the very heart, sharing my most intimate feelings. These pages are my calm in the middle of the storm that I call Trae. Trae is an asshole, excellent lover, amazing person, family man, cold-blooded killer, fearless, crazy, calm, calculating, stubborn, handsome . . . I could go on and on.


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  • "Fifty Shades Of Trae" from the personal diary of Charli Li.

    Charli is a player in Wahida Clark's Thug Series. Whether the diary entries are truth or lies, is for the reader to decide...
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About the Author

The Official Queen Of Street Literature, New York Times best-selling author of the 'Thug Series', 'Payback' Series, 'Golden Hustla' and 'Sleeping With The Enemy'.

Creator of the sub genre of urban fiction known as 'Thug Love Fiction'.

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